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Okay folks….look at this!

November 20, 2009

Read this link that I just found today while researching some websites regarding DNA technology. After my post last week, I wasn’t so sure it was any good, but it was truly what I was thinking.

After reading Eastman’s Online Genealogy (a popular genealogy page),  I am thinking that maybe my post last week was right on target.  Take a look at Eastman’s blog link below:

After you read this maybe you get the idea on how confidential all of our DNA and  Ancestral Gene testing ISN’T !!!



November 9, 2009


Genealogy (Family Tree) Research is big business these days.  In the past it all had to be hand written with much traveling and out of pocket expense, but as computers have become accessible so has the ability to do this kind of research.

There are websites all over the place with ancestral information.  For a few bucks a month one is able to type in a surname, click on a search button and all kinds of information pops up. You can find not only your ancestors, but birth/death records, marriage records, deeds, wills, old letters, old newspaper clippings and old pictures. You can sometimes even find court records and information about an outlaw family member and if that member was hanged. The information is almost limitless.

You can also sign yourself up on a free website,  download a free tree program  and then input all the information that you already have. Once your information is uploaded, you can make it viewable for the world on the free website and people can contact you if the information matches up with their family.

Personally this has been a very exciting process for me. These are the things I did to find my family.  It took  several years, but I was able to find lots of information.


New technology has come out that can actually verify who your real family is! That’s right! DNA technology. In the genes scientists can now study your DNA and confirm it with other DNA that has been turned in from other families. You just take a swab from your cheek, stick it in a tube and mail it in to a company who runs the tests.

Usually this is done with the male’s Y chromosome. You see, men carry a chromosome that can verify their line. There is a chromosome in women, but it is not as accurate as the male line.


Yes, this is cool, because you can finally verify your family history with assured accuracy, but this brings many questions to mind…

Once we are all discovering who we are related to, will the information stay private or will the government get into the picture?

We already know that there is a lot of gene technology going on to find markers for certain diseases. Not saying this will happen, but what if certain family lines were discovered as having certain diseases more than others.  We also already know that our government has started a new system of all records being kept on computer for easy access. If gene technology is so easily accessed, what can of worms will we be opening?

As easily as identities have been stolen, is it a possibility that our genealogy and our bloodlines could get connected into one data base for some futuristic nightmare?

There are maps already being made up with the information that has already been found, so before you do this research, you might want check to see if your information will be included. 


If you are just getting this information for your own personal geneological use, that’s great!  You could find out your families true world origins as well as tribal lineage. My family name was changed and proof of the original family surname could be confirmed this way.   Hopefully my blog will just be an informative tool. If you don’t mind sharing your lineage with the world, go for it! But you have to admit it is just a little scary…